The distance is beautiful
La distance la plus courte entre deux points n’est pas une ligne droite

By Lola Gonzàlez, Oguri & Paul Chavez
Curated by Anna Milone
In partnership with Grand Park
Associated with Lola Gonzàlez

FLAX, Los Angeles, 2017

Lola Gonzàlez doesn’t walk, she runs. She doesn’t talk about her project, she explodes with enthusiasm, and takes you with her to share in the most incredible stories. When this pure force of energy meets the subtlety and the grace of Oguri’s choreography and Paul Chavez’s immersive sound environments, you know that you will be following them on a journey.

Grand Park, and more precisely its fountain, becomes the focal point for 60 performers, the majority non professional. They all start off from different points in the city: the metro, a parking lot close by, the lawn in front of the City Hall. The rhythm of the city doesn’t seem to have an impact on them. As they drift towards the park, we notice a shift in their behavior, just a hint of something going wrong.

These wandering souls have only one goal in mind: reaching the water and by touching it, turning it into a poison, a potion, an elixir, that will make you immortal but also amnesiac. You may live forever, but you won’t have any idea of the time, past, present or future. They are a reaction to our world when so many things don’t make sense anymore, when it is difficult for us to recognise ourselves in the world we have built. They offer us an escape. Or a curse.

Lola Gonzàlez focuses on the resilience of the world. We all have a tremendous capacity to forget the terrible things happening in order to keep going. We create a physical and emotional distance from situations we can’t handle, as a form of protection. In some ways, the distance is beautiful. We chose to hide, to forget but Lola Gonzàlez opens a new chapter. What if we do not have the choice anymore?

— Anna Milone, FLAX Curator